We always focus on latest innovations and fashions provided a very good competitive price...

  • Food Service & Distribution

    We can service airline companies, resorts, hotels, restaurants, ships and various naval fleets...


    Our wide range of products in chemicals and reagents, pH meters, laboratory scales, ect...

  • Steel

    We trade cold rolled and galvanized steel sheets of world class quality in a safe...

  • Construction & Building Materials

    We offers wide range of construction and building materials...

  • Hotel & Catering Supplies

    We offers wide range of hotel supplies that...

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Vision & Mission

Our biggest priority as an international general trading organization as well as a business & financial consultant is to bring forth value to our clients in terms of negotiation, product quality and pricing.
We believe that value creation is an essential part to client satisfaction and business success.

Communicating honestly and creating relationships is a big part of who we are.
We believe that trustworthiness and transparency are vital elements in retaining and creating successful future business relationships.

We abide by the rules and regulations of business society.
We believe that communicating ethically and morally towards our customers is essential to corporate growth and strength.

Responding innovatively to difficult solutions is what sets us apart from our competitors.
We believe that this helps us gain a fresh new perspective to problem solving.